Advanced Planning

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Pre-Planning is an Act of Love

You have learned to prepare for other possibilities, such as accidents or illness, with insurance policies.

You have learned how to plan for purchasing a home, or providing an education for your children by establishing savings accounts.

When it comes to the inevitability of death, however, you have not made any preparations.

You may have drawn a will.

You may have life insurance.

And you may have the spiritual courage to face death.

But have you selected a final resting place?

By doing so you will relieve other family members of a sad and stressful duty.

Make the decision together now, with your family, rather than leave it to someone else at the time of death.

Below is a just a sample of free literature that we offer:

View Alan on a Civic Action as he discusses The Gardens and Pre-Need Arrangements:

Making Funeral Arrangements in Advance

When you request information, this pamphlet, and others, will be included at no cost or obligation to you and your family.

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