Cemetery Care Product

Product Overview

CemeteryCare® is a cloud software system designed to allow a cemetery to manage the full set of their operational, sales and recordkeeping needs from their computer, tablet or phone. It was designed by the staff of a cemetery with 30 years of experience in cemetery management.

Cemetery Care Example

A Unique Perspective

The key advantage of CemeteryCare® is that it presents a full 360 degree view of the customer and seamlessly brings together all aspects of the interaction of the cemetery staff and the family members they serve.

Beginning when a person begins to think about their passing and making arrangements in advance with an initial inquiry, CemeteryCare® allows the capture of all of the interactions between the cemetery and the family member. This includes keeping notes about their wishes and desires, setting up appointments and follow up activities and so on. When a resting place is decided on, CemeteryCare® is used to prepare the resting place agreement, process the payment and create the permanent records required by law.

At the time of passing, CemeteryCare® is used to organize the activity around the farewell ceremony, the preparation of the interment request, the management of the grounds staff to prepare the opening and the interaction of the cemetery staff with the funeral home.

Importantly, all of the follow up compassionate care activities can be automatically set up in the system. Requests by family members for installation or maintenance of a memorial headstone are also fully accommodated in the system.

The work order functionality allows the cemetery management to organize and control all of the activities to maintain the grounds, structures and features of the cemetery. Grounds staff can see the interment schedule, view current work orders, and find the location of a resting place and other activities from their phone.


Total Integration

All of the features of the system are seamlessly linked together to support the workflows needed by the cemetery staff so that no information is more than a few clicks away.

Visualization of the Resting Place

Cemetery Care Resting Places

Additional CemeteryCare® Features

  • Memorial in the Cloud functionality to provide a permanent online memorial for each person resting in the cemetery
  • Electronic signature capture on key documents
  • Capture of all financial transactions with interface to QuickBooks Online®
  • Relationship Capture between family members
  • Take and load pictures directly to the resting place details using a mobile device
  • Upload unlimited documents and attach to specific people or resting places
  • Integration with Google Maps®
  • Sales prospect management
  • Maintenance of mailing and email lists to facilitate communication
  • Integration with Constant Contact®
  • Project and Event Management
  • Vendor and Supplier Management
  • Community Relationship Management (Houses of worship, etc.)
  • No limits to the number of resting places, contacts, electronic documents, etc.
  • Support for multiple cemeteries under the same management
  • Extremely customizable

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