We understand the value of providing compassionate care to families that are grieving.

We understand the value of providing compassionate care to families. You will notice the difference with your first visit to The Gardens where you will be welcomed into the living room of our visitor center and be treated as an honored guest. Our families say that our hospitality is second to none. Our door is always open during the day, even on the weekends. People can stop by for a cold drink, coffee or pastry, to use the always clean restrooms or just sit and relax. We serve guests and visitors by providing a safe, tranquil resting place for their loved ones and support them through a difficult time in their lives. We believe that cemeteries are for the living and actively encourage families to visit.

“Hospitality is Outstanding”

Christina Mallios

At the Gardens, we encourage our families to practice their own customs and traditions. Services and ceremonies can be conducted seven days a week. We have very few restrictions on types of plantings, and mementos placed at memorials. This continues with our ability to provide options for an almost unlimited personalization of services.

Everyone resting at The Gardens has their own website, GPS location and 360° ground level view. This website allows family to celebrate the life of the family member resting here by uploading pictures, videos, and memories in the cloud. The GPS location allows families to get exact directions to their resting place. The ground level 360° view allows family members to visit and feel like they are right there.

The Gardens Cemetery in Boston, Massachusetts is nestled within the 179 acre Historic Brook Farm and surrounded by 1,000 acres of rolling hills, meadows, and protected woodlands. The beauty, tranquility and safety of our location is evident as soon as you enter the cemetery.

The Gardens is comprised of 38 beautiful, individual gardens, each with their own features, appearance, and special feel. The separate gardens allow us to accommodate our diverse families in practicing their own customs and traditions.

Traditional Gardens

Please stop by the visitor center for a
personal tour of these beautiful gardens.

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Garden of Honor (Veterans)

This garden is dedicated to those who served in
the United States armed services, in recognition
of their unselfish commitment to duty. The Gardens
also conducts a special Memorial Day and Veterans
Day service for all veterans.

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Orthodox Garden and Holy
Resurrection Chapel

Supporting the values, traditions and rich culture
of the Orthodox Community. The Orthodox Garden
and Holy Resurrection Chapel, has been designated
as a National Model and the only Orthodox
Cemetery Chapel of its kind in New England.

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Garden 88 and Hong Ling Gardens

Reserved for our Asian community on a quiet
peaceful hill facing east, these traditional
gardens allow families to honor and remember
the people they love according to their 5,000
year old traditions.

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Garden of Forgiveness

The Garden of Forgiveness is one of the two
gardens where all services are conducted
following the Janazah.

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garden of forgiveness

The individual gardens allow us to create a very intimate, calming and serene environment. Our families tell us about what they would like to experience when visiting The Gardens and we create gardens around those needs.

Our exceptional service continues through everything we do.

Our exceptional service continues through everything we do. During a Farewell Ceremony, we provide a tent, chairs and depending on the season, cold beverages, heaters and blankets.

We are dedicated to respecting each individual resting place with immaculate care.

The Gardens is a non-sectarian non-profit organization, and has no religious or residential requirements.

Our Families Tell Us Why They Feel Special and Important

Unmatched hospitality and service

Believe that cemeteries are for the living

Allow families to practice their customs and traditions

Support personalization of services

Tranquil and safe location

Separate gardens (diversity of grounds/settings)

Holy Resurrection Chapel

Someone to help you every day including Sundays

Fewer restrictions on memorialization, plantings, eternal lights, etc.

Special events that bring people together

Come see for yourself what sets The Gardens at Gethsemane apart from all other cemeteries.  Drive through on a weekend or afternoon.  Take a walk on the trails that lead to the Charles River or Millennium Park.

Enjoy peaceful serenity.