Planning for a private family mausoleum enables you to celebrate life, preserve heritage and maintain magnificent resting places for future generations. The tranquility of personal, family mausoleums allows everyone to be together in a shared area, often bordered by special landscaping or architectural elements. A choice of rich granite colors, designs, and personalization symbolize family pride. To view a full gallery of mausoleum options, please come sit down with us to have a conversation on your family needs.

Mausoleums offer a secure enclosure that will remain clean and completely dry without ever letting the casket and loved onecome in contact with the earth. For those preferring a resting place above ground, a mausoleum is the perfect choice.

Mausoleums vary in size and can accommodate one or more interments so a family can rest together. Your family mausoleum can be personalized with choice of style and design, as well as the choice of granite colors, stained glass windows, bronze doors, vases and benches.

While a mausoleum is a visually impressive structure, it offers other significant advantages.  Mausoleums provide a sheltered environment for family members and friends who visit.  You can enter to stay out of the rain, wind, and snow that otherwise would have kept you from spending as much time as you would like remembering your loved one.