Online Website Memorial

Everyone resting at The Gardens has a memorial in the cloud.  A website dedicated to a loved one, creating a lasting connection.  People can share accomplishments, tributes, cherished moments, family memories, photos, videos, and life stories.  Website memorials are a part of every ceremony.

We experience many moments in our lives, from raising children, graduation, a first job, falling in love and getting married, having children and growing old together. These are cherished memories. These times matter.

A memorial in the cloud provides the ability to create a biography and timeline of their life with unlimited photos, videos, stories, etc. to honor your loved one’s legacy and share their life’s story.

Your loved one’s online memorial can be viewed as you stroll through the gardens or from the comfort of your own home. Friends and family can access and contribute to the online memorial from anywhere in the world.  Our online memorial is the perfect way to ensure your loved one’s story lives on forever.