Vision, Mission, Values


To be the cemetery that embraces a culture of healing and compassionate care in every area of stewardship for the living and those that are resting here.

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To honor the customs and traditions of our families and recognize them as an important part of the healing process, provide exceptional service, and respect each individual resting place with immaculate care.


We understand the value of providing compassionate services to families that are grieving.

We serve the living by creating a safe, tranquil resting place for their loved ones.

We respect the customs and traditions of our families and recognize them as an important part of their healing process.

We view our work as a ministry of healing.

We pledge to deliver dignified and respectful services beyond your expectations.

We value, support and encourage long term relationships with families that have gone beyond the initial stages of grief.

We promote and encourage our preferred partners in our ministry of compassionate care and healing as a way to promote the best possible outcomes for our families.

A Message from the President

Alan J. MacKinnon, CCE Certified Cemetery Executive


When I think about my ministry here at The Gardens, I have to thank God for allowing me the opportunity to help people at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. In the early years at the cemetery, I questioned God about his choice for my career. I told him I could be a dentist, a builder, or even a landscaper. But are you serious God, work at a cemetery? Over time I began to see how important it was for someone like me, who loves every human being, to be here to help families when they lose a loved one. Please believe me when I say that I sincerely pledge the following to you:


  • I will care for you and your loved ones for as long as I shall live.
  • The family member you have entrusted in our care will be treated with the utmost respect.
  • You and your loved one are part of our family here at The Gardens.
  • We love you and will be here for you.
  • We will continue to pray for God’s Mercy and Blessings as you grieve.
  • We will assist you in any way we can with the transition to building a healthy way of life after your loss.